MSH INTERNATIONAL Acquires Singapore-based broker, Expat Insurance

In a bid to solidify its presence and commitment to growth in Asia, MSH INTERNATIONAL recently acquired Expat Insurance. The two companies was said to be brought together by a common business and team culture.


Expat Insurance, a leading independent insurance broker in Singapore, has about 30 employees and a reported turnover of €3 million in 2014. MSH INTERNATIONAL, meanwhile, is a provider of international healthcare and insurance solutions for globally-mobile individuals and employees. It currently has more than 2,000 corporate clients and 330,000 insured members across 200 countries.


“Singapore is a key location in the healthcare market in Asia and Expat Insurance has established a leadership position as a broker in the space. Expat Insurance has an outstanding track record and we believe this acquisition will accelerate our development in Asia,” said Frederic van Roekeghem, Executive Director of MSH INTERNATIONAL.


Read more in the full press release here.


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